We’ll act as constructive opposition, Bauchi APC declares

With the legal battle for the Bauchi State Gubernatorial seat over following the Supreme Court Judgement that upheld the election and return of Sen Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir as the duly elected Governor of the state, all attention has now been shifted to running of the affairs of governance.

The main opposition party, APC has declared that with the legal battle now concluded and having lost out in its bid to retain the Gubernatorial seat, it will now focus on playing the role of a constructive opposition in the state speaking out whenever there is a need for such.

Reacting to the outcome of the Supreme Court Judgement, APC Chairman, Uba Ahmed Nana said that, ‘the whole battle is over now, there’s nothing else we can do other than to watch the happenings between now and the next general elections in 2023. We have learned our lessons and will correct the mistakes”.

He added that’ the state is above everybody, running state affairs need support from everyone, we as APC will play our part ensuring that the state was well administered, we will engage in meaningful and constructive criticisms to ensure that the correct thing was done ‘.

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The APC Chairman corrected the impression that opposition is all about fighting and abusive tendency saying, “I don’t believe in such, my philosophy of opposition is to speak out when the need arises in order to correct a situation, that is what we will be doing here in Bauchi state”.

While reacting to his legal victory, Bala Mohammed said that his doors are opened to a positive contribution from all citizens of the state irrespective of political, religious and ethnic divide that can help in propelling the state to greater heights.

He said that ‘’Those who didn’t believe in the first instance when we won, if they don’t believe in God who made us won, now they must believe the judiciary where they have reached the level of no return, that is the supreme court.’’

The Governor further pointed out that, ‘’we are all democrats and I urged them to take this judgment in good faith. We will not tolerate any act of sabotage, we will not tolerate any act of exclusion that will try to undermine our responsibility or power which has been given to us by God and at the same time we will exercise restraint in exercising those powers.’’

While corroborating what the Governor said, PDP State Chairman, Hamza Koshe Akuyam said that, ‘we thank Allah for confirming our victory, it was a victory freely and massively given to us by the good people of Bauchi State. We are ever ready to accommodate any member of the opposition that wants to join hands with us in the development of the state’.

He added that ‘our aim and focus is the development of the state, we are therefore welcoming everybody on board the moving train. Any politician who has the development of the state at heart should come and join hands with us to move the state forward, we are one people united together ‘.