We are out to transform logistic business —Core Logistics boss

Olayinka Popoola, the chief executive of Core Logistics Management (CLM), a service delivery company recently established in Ibadan, in an interview by TUNDE OGUNESAN, speaks on how his outfit plans to set new standard in the delivery industry.

What is  Core Logistics bringing into delivery management in Oyo State?

Ours is about delivery services within Ibadan metropolis. We will be doing inter-state from Oyo State to Lagos, Lagos/Ibadan to Abuja and to other parts of the country. Our focus is to harness the opportunity in service delivery in Ibadan and Oyo state in particular. We are bringing service per excellence in terms of delivery to Ibadan with our belief that such business idea can thrive in this city.


What informed your location of CLM in Ibadan?

Well, it’s more of historical attachment for me because I was born, schooled and lived in Ibadan here before I travelled abroad and it has been my dream to have something doing in Ibadan ahead of other places. This is because Ibadan has been a home of my success. In terms of my education, primary, secondary and university, all in Ibadan. And I believe that I understand the terrain, culture and other factors that have made the city unique from every other part of this country for business to succeed in Ibadan.

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What exactly favoured your decision while conducting the feasibility studies?

Probably, I should say this, maybe it will help justify my reasons for choosing Ibadan as the headquarters of Core Logistics Management (CLM). I am a product of Geography Department, University of Ibadan, during my undergraduate days, where I offered a course titled ‘Ibadan’. That is, the geography of Ibadan, which comprises the climatic, the economy, social and every aspect of Ibadan as a city. The city being the base of my schooling days, it has been a place where, I can say, everything is originated. If you talk of commercials in the historical Dugbe market of those days, before they moved to Alesinloye, New Gbagi, Oje market, etc. These are some ways which I knew how goods were delivered in that axis in those days. I had a kind of interest since when I was very young because, most of the times, when I was asked to get one or two things from point A to point B, there is always a challenge of getting there, this remains in my memory. So, I can relate that to a very big business organisation that can move documents or goods at the speed of light. And if you look at the way cities in Nigeria have been growing, I think this is one of our greatest challenges that anyone has not proffered solution to. Providing the services that can offer quick delivery- fast and reliable, I think that is really an area of my interest in doing business in Ibadan. And again, I also believe there is a very big market that I can still tap into, apart from providing delivery services to every other businesses, I believe I am set to tap into other areas of commercial gains of investing in Ibadan.


 What is your scope and target for Core Logistics Management?

We are just starting, as you know. Our goal and vision is to be the leading delivery service outfit in Ibadan, and this, we set out to achieve in the next five years. And I am very confident this is achievable.


What is that unique thing you will be introducing that gives you this assurance of capturing the industry in five years time?

I really have so much belief in the city and what learnt in my university days. I am sure I have what it takes to be able to deliver fast, efficient and reliable services. I also believe I understand the socio-cultural beliefs of the people of Ibadan. Not only Ibadan, I believe whatever experience and skills I have in Ibadan can be transferred to doing business in other places. I am also ready, and happy to improve on anything I am doing and look at other competitors in this business, with an open mind to suggestions and criticisms. These I am sure will spur me to improve on the services I will be providing.

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