Understanding how to fulfill one’s purpose in life

A review of David O. David’s book, Consistency: Key To Fulfilling Purpose.

WHOEVER is born into this world has a purpose to fulfill. No one is here on earth by mistake, as everyone has been given a talent to thrive in certain areas of life.

However, not many discover the secret towards achieving their purpose in life, and when this happens, one will definitely not find fulfillment.

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Many books have been written on how to discover one’s purpose in life, and David O. David’s book, Consistency: Key To Fulfilling Purpose has also joined the endless lists of such life directional manuals.

David’s 93-page book starts with ‘Discover Your Purpose, where he enjoins readers to find those things they love doing without struggling. In essence, these are things they do which may seem like just relaxing.

In this chapter, the author explains that everybody is here on earth for a purpose, and the earlier that purpose is discovered, the better for the person.

He, therefore, reveals that nothing is done for doing sake, while explaining that it has to be on purpose.

“Purpose is, therefore, the end result predetermined before an action is taken towards a particular direction.”

Going into spirituality, the author says God is a God of purpose, as He does nothing without a definite purpose.

As a result, everybody who sleeps and wakes up the following morning has a purpose for which he was created on earth. However, one must discover that purpose through the help of God.

After discovering one’s purpose, then one must take a decision towards achieving that purpose. However, before one takes that decision, one must have achieved the end result in one’s mind. The meaning of this is that one must believe that one will be successful when one embarks towards achieving that purpose or dream.

The author, therefore, believes that the mindset is so important towards fulfilling one’s purpose in life. If one has a dream to achieve something in life but one’s mindset does not believe that thing could be achieved, then it would work with the body towards ensuring that one does not take the step towards achieving that purpose.

In this second chapter, the author gives the examples of some notable personalities like former President Nelson Mandela of South Africa; Bishop David Oyedepo of the Winners Chapel, among others, who overcame their challenges to achieve success with their dreams.

When one finally takes a decision to start something, getting prepared for the task ahead is another important step one will have to take.

David says preparation is inevitable if success is really the focus, meaning one can’t achieve success if one didn’t prepare for it.

The author further talks on consistency, meaning one will continually work towards achieving that purpose. Setting off towards achieving something is not an easy task, and there are bound to be challenges along the way, but one must be consist if one is to achieve success.

One, therefore, needs to invest in one’s purpose if one is to achieve the desired end. Investment comes in different forms; it could be investment with one’s time, or through learning a skill or vocation, or investment in commitment, or even prayers. One must definitely put in something to bring about the desired end.

Staying focused is another area in which the author explains, highlighting the need for one to be focused and not be distracted when one is working on certain goals.

David’s book is, therefore, a must-read for everyone hoping to discover his purpose in life, and it is written in simple language which makes the message easy to understand to all classes of people.

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