Three bonuses that Nigerian bettors use while punting

Unlike other countries in Africa, Nigeria is a place where punters can find different kinds of betting websites. Each one has its specifics, but they also have something in common – the bonuses. Every modern iGaming website realizes that it is almost impossible to survive in the iGaming industry if it doesn’t offer any promotions. Online bettors are used to using different kinds of offers. That’s why even companies with no previous experience offer all sorts of proposals.

The online betting bonuses can be divided into different groups. Some of them require a deposit, but you may also find free bonuses. Let’s also not forget that some promotions are valid only if you use a given operator’s mobile app.

We can’t include every betting bonus popular in Nigeria, but here are some of the most common iGaming proposals used by online punters in the country.

  1. The welcome bonus 

Some online bettors use a given online bookie or a casino because they want to avail themselves of the bonuses for loyal customers. On the other hand, many people change their iGaming platform regularly because they want to use the welcome promo. If you wish to have access to a lot of bonus funds, check all bonuses for 1xbet Nigeria thanks to Efirbet, and you will see that the bookie offers a lucrative reward for new customers. In this case, you will get a 200% bonus, which will provide you with plenty of additional funds.

Although some welcome promotions look the same, there are some things that set them apart. For example, it is important to check each reward’s maximum bonus amount, the rollover requirements, etc. Don’t forget that each bookie/casino has a separate minimum deposit condition that you also have to adhere to.

  1. Bet Insurance for Nigerian customers

Nigeria is a country where people like sports. Therefore, most online bettors prefer to wager on their favorite teams instead of playing casino games. That’s one of the reasons why some of the leading iGaming companies give them the option to insure their bets.

Although there are exceptions, this is one of the promotions that require you to pay a small fee once you place a bet. Once ready, the bookmaker will pay the money you’ve used to place a bet if you don’t predict it successfully. While it is true that bet insurance can come in handy in many situations, it is not available on every iGaming website.

  1. Cash bonus after making your 5th or 10th deposits

Similar to punters from other countries, Nigerian bettors like the fact that they can get additional funds after making a deposit. That’s why if you take a look at all of the 1xbet bonuses for Nigeria by Efirbet, you will see that one of the best bookmakers will give them an additional amount of money after making their 10th deposit.

Some online bookmakers and casinos may grant you a reward even after your fifth transaction. In both cases, you have to add a specific amount of money or even use a promo code to utilize this reward.

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