There should be dialogue to address perceived issues —Soludo

Mr Joe Anatune, Head, Soludo Media, the publicity wing of the Soludo Campaign Organisation, speaks on the rising wave of insecurity in Anambra State, as the countdown to the governorship poll continues.


WHAT do you think about the current security situation in Anambra State as the election day approaches?

The current situation in Anambra State is a bit tense now! There has been indiscriminate killings of innocent and high profile citizens, lately, by people described as unknown gun men. But we believe the government is up to the task and the situation will soon be brought under control.


 What are the general implications of this situation for November 6 governorship poll?

The implications are profound, because these killings will induce fears in the people, which could invariably affect the turn out on election day if not properly handled. Governor Willie Obiano has however assured the citizens that the perpetrators of these heinous crimes will be brought to justice.


How is it affecting candidates, parties and campaigns?

Just as I said earlier, there is palpable fear across the state as a result of the senseless killings. Some party candidates have claimed they have postponed their electioneering, while others are perhaps watching for normalcy to return to the state.


 What are the solutions and way out?

There is need to beef up security in the state. And the perpetrators of these crimes must learn to come to terms with the stark reality that they cannot achieve whatever their grievances are by killings innocent citizens indiscriminately. There should be dialogue to address any perceived issues bothering them.


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