The feminine colours fusing into men’s dressing

FASHION rules and statements have remained fluid over the years. From the 19th century to the 21st the remarkable changes have been championed by the freedom of expression, culture and sometimes gender exploration. One of such changes that have become quite glaring in the 21st century is the blurring of lines between what is considered a feminine colour and a masculine colour.

Gone are the days when a particular colour is seen as belonging to a certain gender. Today these colours are seen as good for both gender and everyone rocks it. A look at a few of those colours will show you that a major shift has happened.



The colour green is considered today to be one of the masculine colours, it was not always perceived in that light. Green can be best picked based on the tone of the skin and it works quite well when combined with blue, white or grey.


The brightness that orange brings with it has relegated it to the midst of those colours considered feminine, but not anymore. When wearing orange as a male, be sure to tone it down with neutral colours. The colour orange can work quite fine as a smart casual and casual addition to your wardrobe. You can easily pair orange with black, white or navy blue. A navy-blue suit can come in handy if you are thinking of wearing an orange shirt as a smart casual.



It’s been a while since the mystery of the colour yellow being a feminine colour was busted. The difficulty in pairing the notoriously bright colour is perhaps an issue even for the most daring of men. Casual pieces come out great in the colour and you can take it to another level by throwing in a yellow coloured trouser or sneakers. Navy blue is perhaps the best bet when going with yellow, neutrals like white, black, grey can also work wonders.



Sitting at the meeting point between red and blue, purple is one of those colours that used to be exclusively female. While you should not be wearing a complete outfit fashioned from the colour, you can make a few changes to accommodate the colour. An ideal starting point is accessories; purple ties and pocket square can complement neutral coloured suits and light-coloured shirts. You can also wear a purple shirt alongside a blue suit.



Yes, the best is saved for the last; If you are still one of those who consider pink a feminine colour, you might be missing out on a great option to add to your wardrobe as a man. As a matter of fact, pink goes down well with a lot of colour you have in your wardrobe already. Pink works fine with blue, brown and a host of other colours. In short, a well-picked pink can  go so well with anything from a raw denim to a grey suit.

What is stopping you from getting any of these colours? Is it the feel of feminine colours? The lines are blurred, rock your colours and rock them well!