Some unavoidable things to do as 2019 is gradually ending

To start with, my latest book (FAITH AND WEALTH) came out of the press on the 18th of October, 2019. It is my 9th book and unarguably the best book I have penned since I started writing about 23years ago! This easy-to-read-book unveils some inescapable principles that are capable of helping you to access the wealth of your nation. In the last one year, I have been at many places to teach on this crucial area of knowledge and its reception has been so amazing. Do you desire a copy or copies? Kindly send a mail to me: . You cannot read through it and not be lifted out of the pit of slavery, poverty!

Back to the business for this moment, as this year, 2019 is gradually coasting home, I want to start writing some of the most powerful principles that you would need to deploy, on the condition that you desire to have a different 2020! If what I want to share with you is not run with, your 2020 ain’t going to be different from 2019. Remember, you cannot just sit with your arms folded and expect 2020 to be better.

Escaped Kano lion yet to be returned to cage — Zoo boss

One, on the condition that you want to have a different 2020; you would need to disconnect yourself from unprofitable relationships. It is essential that you free yourself from dishonorable relationships that threaten your commitment to good character. Remember, without having good character; forget about becoming successful in both life and leadership. Character, they say, is the prophecy of destiny.

Whatever relationship you are in right now—that is not encouraging and motivating you to be committed to good character wants you to fail woefully in 2020. To become successful in 2020, you will need rock-solid character. It is your character that will determine whether you go up or you come down. This is why you need to take the issue of character very seriously.

Over the years, I do have zero tolerance for men and women who are not committed to good character. A few years ago on social media, I had to end some online relationships because they were dishonorable relationships. No matter what you claim to know, once you start ridiculing those ahead of you, you and I cannot relate. My strong belief is that the more we know, the simpler we should become. One of the evidences of ignorance is pride. Those who are truly informed are usually very humble. There are people who claim to know, but in the real sense of it, they don’t know anything! You know ignorance can be very clever and subtle.

Two, if you want to have a better 2020, you would need to eliminate unprofitable attitudes from your life! This is very fundamental. Next year, you must live your life without unduly-criticizing, judging, or whining, actively steering clear of pessimistic, questioning cynics and those who stir up attitudes of dishonor, dissatisfaction, sarcasm, and doubt within you. Observe those who habitually murmur, complain, find fault or grumble and severe relationship with them. This is very important, because this critical attitude is very contagious, prompting you to murmur and complain as well.

Why do people grumble and find fault with others? It is because they are discouraged about themselves. Also, it is because they do not have anything positive going on for them, so the only way they can feel better about themselves is by tearing someone else down to their level of immaturity. Remember, people don’t find fault with others unless they have faults of their own that they don’t want to deal with.

Three, build into your life profitable relationships that will challenge and provoke your character and leadership to higher standards. This is a very powerful principle. Always relate to those who consistently challenge you to become better than you are right now. This has helped me a great deal in life. I do have in my core circle of relationships—people who consistently call me to climb the ladder higher in life, leadership and business.

It is suicidal to have been keeping for years friends who have never provoked you to higher standards of excellence and character. If you want to be better in 2020 than you are right now in 2019; then start sharing your walk with folks who will consistently challenge you to become and do more! You can always do and become more!

Lastly, in 2020, make the choices that lead toward your purpose and assignment in life. If your choices have been taking you away from your purpose and assignment, kindly turn a new leaf. Next year, you would need to become more purpose-conscious. And as this year begins to expire, watch the kind of jobs you are taking or selecting. Beware of jobs and courses that will take you away from purpose. If your present and current job is not leading you toward your purpose, it means it is a trap in disguise, no matter how much you are getting from it. You may need to walk away from it, if you are ever going to taste a life of significance before you move to the land of the silent ones. If you can walk out in shoe-leather what I have shared with you in this piece, you are certainly going to have a more rewarding 2020!

Till I come your way again next week Monday, see you where great leaders are found!

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