Shortcomings in governance

The government of the All Progressives Congress (APC), intentionally downplayed the transgressions perpetrated by past public office holders who supported the administration’s re-election in cash and in kind.

They were forgiven and given ministerial positions; their transgressions while in office notwithstanding. Prevarication has become the order of the day while truth has become a stranger. Their sins were pardoned because they joined APC while at the same time, making a big deal about the corruption of members of their major opponent, the Peoples Democratic Party.

The same APC has largely ignored the fact that President Muhammadu Buhari had declared that his government’s duty is to jail looters. This original vision has been substituted in a way that is inconsistent with the president’s  avowed promises and are lately not concerned with the people’s will, since they believe that they know better than the people.

This idea is unwholesome and it is working for them because the Nigerian voting public remains largely uneducated. It is a sad development for those of us who fought with our all to ensure that President Buhari mount the saddle to lead the people into battle to eliminate corruption from the polity.

The fact that murderous foreign herdsmen will benefit from Nigerian taxpayers money after reducing their farming communities into a heap of ruins is unbelievable. This is adding insult to injury and it must be soundly resisted and condemned.

  1. Jimoh,

Ogun State

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