Debut of Nigerian People’s Liberation Front

It is always wise to move fast to turn visions into reality with the help of others, especially the media, without permitting procrastinations to hold one back. This determination to turn big thoughts into big action should be supported by all patriots.

The Nigerian People’s Liberation Front (NPLF) is plunging in with a clear vision of the goals it intends to achieve and the huddles and landmines to clear to free the people from perpetual slavery.

That NPLF will scout for and reach out to experts in all fields who can come up with creative options that can help Nigerians make better choices of leaders who can set Nigeria on the path of prosperity.

This is a sound idea that needs the support of the media. Timing is very important. NPLF has four years ahead to bring in all those who will collaborate and team up with well-organized groups, parading visionary leaders that are united with the purpose of selfless service.

The current crop of politicians and many of those who preceded them continue to do what is best for themselves rather than fulfilling their role of service to the people. They are not being held accountable by the people because majority of the people are “struggling to survive as citizens” who do not pay attention to their rulers’ transgressions.

This has made it possible for the corrupt political elite to skate by with their impunity with no consequences for their sins against the people. To me, the NPLF is a timely intervention.

John Jimoh,