Sallah holiday: Street traders return to Lagos highways

The spectacles on Lagos roads on Tuesday, were quite different from those of Monday, as street traders and hawkers, used the occasion of the Ramadan holiday to make brisk business on almost all the roads.

In almost all the places visited by Lagos Metro on Tuesday, street hawkers were seen meandering through the usually busy traffic, persuading road users to patronize their wares, with no law enforcement agents enforcing  the ban.

Hawkers were seen doing it discreetly, when Lagos Metro visited Yaba, despite the implications of their action.

Said the hawkers “We still operate here, albeit discreetly. We take to our heels whenever any KAI official is in sight,” they stated.

The same scenario played itself out in  Ijaye, Kollington Bus Stop, Mosalasi and Abucon areas in Alimosho Local Government Council Area of the state. Traders were seen in these places moving freely around, with their wares, while beseeching customers to patronise.

Though many engaged in the usual trading, it was obvious that they were not relaxed in carrying out their business.

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