S3x, the most important activity in marriage

S3x makes the difference in marriage. It is like water to humanity; no one can do without it. That is why it is often mentioned as one of the reasons a person should get married. Marriage without S3x is an aberration. Such a marriage is bound to head for the rock. In fact, great shall be the crash. That is why every marriage or relationship columns in the newspapers, and programmes on the radio and television give priority attention to S3x matters. S3x is the unseen enemy in marriage and the silent thief of marital joy, when not properly handled by couples. That is why we have to talk about it always.

I hope this write up will satisfy the curiosity of those who feel that the issue of S3x in marriage is being blown out of proportion. As such people often say, S3x, S3x, S3x, is marriage all about S3x? of course, there are other issues of marriage, but the most important of all marital issues is S3x. That is why it must be properly handled if the marriage will be preserved. Why S3x is the most important of all marital issues:

  • The bedrock of every reason people give in the court of law for divorce is poor S3x.
  • No matter what the problem is between couples, as long as they still enjoy good S3x with one another, it can easily be over-looked.
  • The quality of S3x and what it represents play a major role in the quality of every marriage: poor S3x will always result in weak marriage and vice versa.
  • So, every couple must recognize and appreciate the importance of great S3x life to their union and achieving it must become their mutual goal.
  • S3xual fulfilment is only achieved when a man is able to take his wife to orgasm – the pinnacle of S3xual satisfaction.

To achieve great S3x life in marriage, couples must note the following:

  • Great S3x life between a couple does not come just because they love themselves.
  • Men, especially need to know that their years of experience and number of women they have had it with does not guarantee that their wife is S3xually fulfilled.
  • Nothing good comes easy; nobody becomes an expert at anything without having to learn, even satisfying your spouse.
  • Couples must work on improving their skills of lovemaking.
  • A couple that will enjoy a great S3x life must recognise the difference in the body mechanism of man and woman, and seek how to use it to their advantage.
  • S3x for a man is an any day and any time thing, but for her, a good S3x requires a good time of preparation. A womans response to S3x is slow and gradual but that of a man is quick and spontaneous.
  • Mans S3xual need is physically based. His gonads are continually producing sperm, which are stored in the seminal vesicles along with seminal fluid. When the seminal vesicles are full, there is a physical push for release. And this is done through S3x.
  • A woman tends to be more rooted in her emotion and desire to feel loved. If she feels love, she wants to make love with the husband who loves her. Once she does not feel love, she has no interest in S3x.
  • S3x becomes better as we get more intimate with our spouses.

S3x is in effect, an all rounder in marriage: you quarrel over S3x , and settle quarrels with S3x. Couples must therefore give serious attention to their S3x life to ensure S3xual fulfillment. Anything short of S3xual fulfillment in marriage endangers the marriage, and makes it unattractive to the younger generation.

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