Look dandy in pinstripe suit

THE pinstripe suit has made a comeback in the last few years. Since first gaining prominence in the ‘20s as worn by gangsters and jazz musicians, it also made waves in Hollywood before it was incorporated into a part of the formal work uniform. This is just a little of the social history that the pinstripe suit is bathed in.

Outside of the workplace, the pinstripe suit can also be a decent wear at events and outings if styled in line with the atmosphere. The timeless classic is worth taking a spin on by anyone. You can style the pinstripe suit to fit into a smart-casual as well.

The Pinstripe suit as a formal wear

You don’t need to do much to style your pinstripe suit as a formal wear, that’s the very essence of the pinstripe suit. You can easily throw in a plain shirt, and a tie to complement your pinstripe suit. A dark-coloured pinstripe suit is usually better worn in formal situations and you should select your tie carefully as well.

The Pinstripe suit as a smart casual wear

You can decide to loosen up the tone of your pinstripe by choosing to remove your tie and loosening your shirt’s first button. This gives you a laid-back appearance and it is perfect for casual dinners and other casual outings. If you are looking at getting a little more casual with the pinstripe suit, you can wear a turtleneck and finish it up with pinstripe suit. With this form of dressing, it is all about the attitude, own it and you will easily rule the room.

Pulling off the pinstripe suit

It is important that you pay careful attention to how you pair your pinstripe suit with the right accessories. Here are a few tips that you should note in pulling off wearing the pinstripe suit right:

Colour scheme: For business dressing, you should have a dark-coloured suit; most likely a black, hazel or navy-blue pinstripe suit will be best if you are looking at wearing your suit for business reasons. This must complement the other accessories that you will be wearing.  You should avoid wearing a white and navy-blue tie with your black pinstripe suit. It is the most expected colour combination and this is why you should avoid it.

Right accessories: You need to wear the right set of accessories in line with your pinstripe suit. From your wristwatch to pocket square and lapel pin, you must ensure that everything is in line. Your shoe should also reflect the dressing form; an oxford will work fine for the business dressing, a sneaker will be great for smart casuals.

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