Problems with staphylococcus

I went to the hospital to report the rashes on my body as well as vaginal discharge only to be informed that tests confirmed that I have Staphylococcus infection. However, despite active and prolonged medication, the Staphylococcus, rashes and discharge did not go away. My worry is whether this infection is for life and will affect my womb? Please, let me know how to permanently get rid of the infection.

Salamatu (by SMS)

Even though the Staphylococcus infection is very common, it is sometimes wrongly diagnosed due to faulty Laboratory procedures. Therefore, it is always advisable to use high quality Laboratories in getting a diagnosis of the infection. Having said this, Staphs are very hardy and can live on inanimate objects such as pillowcases or towels long enough to transfer to the next person who touches them. A variety of factors — including the status of your immune system to the types of sports you play — can increase your risk of developing staph infections. In addition, certain disorders or the medications used to treat them can make you more susceptible to staph infections. Some common precautions to avoid Staph infection include; careful hand-washing, keeping cuts and abrasions clean and covered with sterile, dry bandages until they heal, changing your tampon frequently, at least every four to eight hours and avoid sharing personal items such as towels, sheets, razors, clothing and athletic equipment. I will also suggest your seeing a specialised medical doctor preferably in the nearest Specialist or Teaching hospital for a second opinion.

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