Poundo potato! What is it?

POUNDO potato is a Nigerian staple dish made from Irish potato. It is a light meal which is easily digested. Poundo potato is a good source of vitamin C and also an excellent source of potassium.




Irish potato

2-3 cups of water

Potato starch (you may use corn starch as an alternative).


A Pot

A Wooden spoon



Peel the potatoes

Cut into large pieces and wash.

Place washed potatoes into a pot, add water and boil until it is soft.

Note:  Don’t add salt.

When soft, sieve water and mash the cooked potatoes in the same pot.

Stir the mashed potatoes until you achieve a smooth paste.

Add boiled water and stir to achieve a lump less and succulent Poundo Potato.

Cook for about two minutes like you make pounded yam or Amala.

Stir till you get your favourable taste of poundo potato

Serve with any soup of your choice either Egusi or Efo riro.


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