Paternity test: How did we get here?

T he most trending issue about marriage today is the clamour for paternity test, which is also referred to as D.N.A. I feel it’s worth sparing time for on this platform as well. We should not be left behind in the discuss about the issue. Why we may be able to claim that the issue of children being raised by husbands who did not father them is not a new phenomenon. That it is on the increase at an alarming rate cannot be disputed as well. Many wives are becoming increasingly unfaithful in marriage. The unfortunate aspect of this infidelity is the bringing pregnancies that were conceived from infidelity to one’s partner. Thus, many fathers are raising children that are not theirs, biologically. How did we get here? This is the question I will be attempting to answer, before we move on to the need for paternity test.

Over the years, marriage sanctity has become eroded. Little or no thought is given to it like it was many decades ago. It’s like we don’t really care much about the sanctity of marriage. Many husbands and wives have gone bananas, throwing caution to the wind in the matter of infidelity in marriage.

What could be responsible? That wives are now increasingly engaged in infidelity can be traced to certain factors. Some of such are enumerated below.


  • Faulty marital foundation

Many people today contract marriage without laying the proper foundation of trust, family enquiries, adequate knowledge of partners, among others. With faulty foundation, many partners discovered their faulty foundation, and thus engage in infidelity as a fill in the gap method. It is seen as a corrective measure in preserving the marriage.

  • Lack of understanding of the marriage covenant

Many married couples don’t understand the covenant nature of marriage. Thus, it is trivialised with infidelity, at the slightest opportunity.


  • Strong desire for economic survival of the family

The growing economic challenges are also taking a toll on the marriage institution. Husbands, in order to make ends meet, are spending more time chasing money for the family welfare, than they spend at home. A lot of husbands are absentee husbands as weekend husbands, monthly husbands, or overseas husbands. All these expose wives to sexual temptation, which when yielded to, result in unplanned pregnancies for their infidelity partners. When a husband leaves his wife for years in search of greener pastures in a foreign land, should it be strange that his wife is playing extra marital game? Of course, many of those absentee husbands also become easily susceptible to extra marital affairs as well. In fact, some of them are the guilty biological fathers to many children with doubtful paternity.


  • Growing population of working class wives

The fact that many wives are also engaged in the workplace has provided strong avenues for marital infidelity. Out there in many offices are abundant opportunities for married persons to interact sexually. When there are issues at the home front, colleagues in the workplace easily fill in the gap for emotional needs.


  • Lack of intimacy and sexual satisfaction in marriage

A very strong factor in infidelity is lack of intimacy and sexual satisfaction at the home front. No thanks to money chasing by couples, with little or no time for each other. The rich husbands keeping full time house wives, hardly have time for their wives. Thus, most of these wives end up meeting their sexual needs through infidelity, in some cases, with their domestic servants.

All these factors make room for wives to pin unwanted pregnancies resulting from infidelity on their husbands. That is why the call for paternity test is beginning to gain ground these days. Many husbands are stumbling on the fact that some of the children they are fathering are actually offshoot of infidelity by their wives.

With the consequences of such discoveries these days, and coupled with its ever increasing occurrences, the call for paternity test, seems to be needful. Whether it is for good or not is another thing entirely. But, the clamour for paternity test is spreading like wide fire. We cannot fold our arms, pretending that there is no problem. Indeed, we have a serious problem at hand.

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