On the Borno massacre

The sanctity of human lives is daily becoming eroded in the country. What values have our statesmen bequeathed on our society? Any value not based on truth, justice, love, hard work, discipline, sanctity of life, respect for the rule of law, courage, education, self-development, etc, is sinking sand.

Truth turns out to be the most valuable and tangible asset a society can possess and truly a foundational resource for advancement to the pinnacle of peace and development. What do our leaders and traditional leaders preach to people today about the sanctity of human lives and forgiveness? Which religion ratifies the killing of the innocent? It is man’s inhumanity to man to murder innocent human beings without any provocation whatsoever. Is it not also a desperately wicked act on the part of this government to de-radicalise and reintegrate cruel murderers to mingle freely with people in the communities they have inflicted irreversible pain upon?

Why has government rejected wise counsel concerning re-jigging of security architecture and replacement of clueless generals with a crack team of generals that can produce results no matter which part of Nigeria they come from? Nigeria urgently needs veterans in war manoeuvres who can assemble a crack team of experienced, tested, disciplined, brave, courageous, dedicated and determined men to rescue our people now left unprotected particularly in the north.

John R. Jimoh, Ijebu-Ode.



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