On insecurity

President Muhammadu Buhari, I cannot be less proud of being a Nigerian as it is my country of birth and I am so appreciative of the gifts of God on our land. However, the ways my great country has been managed by our political leaders recently have been sources of concern for me and several Nigerians home and abroad. We are very apprehensive that our generation will not witness any significant development.

On the most recent catastrophe that befell Nigeria especially in the area of security of lives and properties; even the president knows that the territory of Nigeria is now under the control of gunmen. It is strange that the first lady, Hajia Aisha Buhari, absconded from Aso Rock to Dubai citing insecurity within the villa. If Aso Rock is not safe for domiciliary purposes, where in Nigeria is then safe?

We experienced the height of incessant abduction on December 11 when 333 students were kidnapped. For over five days after the abduction, the president did not say a word until after the boys were released on December 17, his birthday. I suppose the boys were released as a birthday gift to the president. Your counterparts in other nations do take the bull by the horns by addressing their people in person and visiting the families of the victims of any calamity.

Mr. President, how on earth could a group of terrorists visit a place inhabited by people and kidnap over three hundred students? How were the boys kidnapped?

From my little research and as a student of Nigeria’s history, Sir, the economy has never been this worse. Many would have said the economy takes the downturn due to the pandemic but then, other countries are affected as well if not more affected than Nigeria. Most of those nations are projected to wither the effects away soon. Why is Nigeria’s case so different?

Truly, Mr President, a handful of us applauded your decision to stop importation of certain goods in order to boost local production. However, you have not given the populace the required atmosphere to encourage increase in local production of goods. Many youths are out of school, farms are destroyed and nothing seems to be working in our dear nation.

There are a very few Nigerians who still think you are the right man for this nation. Can you do well by living up to their expectations?


Akindele AbdulQayyum Olalekan,



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