My difficulty with urination

I am a 55-year-old man with a past history of Gonorrhoea infection due to my popularity with ladies. Now I find it difficult to urinate very well. My doctors are planning to put me on Catheter but I detest this because I won’t be sexually active again. Are there no other forms of treatment apart from the use of catheters?

Morris  (by SMS)


When cases of Gonorrhoea are badly managed or too incessant, they usually lead to blockages of the Urinary passage (Urethral Stricture). In addition to high doses of antibiotics, one of the management routes is the passage of catheters. In more severe cases, you may even need extensive surgical interventions to make the passage of urine easy for you. In view of this, I will advise you to accept your doctors’ offer of catheterisation among other treatment plans.