Jogging at 70 years

I was a sportsman as a young man. I remained active with personal physical activities such as walking and jogging till the present time. Now that I am 70 years old, I want to know if I can continue to jog.

Chief (by E Mail)


If you don’t have any injury or heart problems, nothing stops you from jogging at 70 and beyond. There have been cases of people in their 80s who still participate in Marathon races. However, at your age, you shouldn’t just roll out of bed every morning, jump into your running clothes, and burst out running. You need to spend the first few minutes or so to make sure that everything still works, getting blood streaming out to the extremities, and cranking up the heart rate to a somewhat sustainable level. You can do this by starting slowly with a warmup then jog for just a few minutes and stop. You can repeat this schedule for about 10 times within a one -hour period then cool down. Enjoy your jogging.



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