IPO prosecutor arrested for helping notorious cultist out of prison

A notorious cult member in Somolu area of Lagos State, Ibrahim Balogun, popularly known as Small JPRON who was released by a magistrate court has been rearrested by the police for multiple murder.

The suspect however claimed to have turned a new leaf by becoming born again and blamed his latest arrest on his past criminal activities.

The Lagos State police commissioner, Fatai Owoseni, while speaking on the rearrest of small JPRON said the Investigating Police Officer {IPO} and the prosecutor, who handled the case were compromised and that they had been arrested

The Lagos police boss said “The suspect belongs to the one of the major cult group in Somolu and has many murder cases dangling on him in courts and for one reason or the other he always comes out of prison free because most of the witnesses are afraid to testify against him.”

Owoseni added that when I interviewed him he told me some of his family members who have linked in the judiciary helped him out of the prison. In 2010 he was involved in two murder cases and spent about two years in prison.”

The police boss also added that “we want to assure the public that with his arrest, they would be diligent investigation in order to make sure the laws take its course and leave the rest for the judiciary.

The Lagos police boss, while speaking on the arrested IPO and prosecutor said that the detained duo would be dealt with for conniving with such a criminal. ”

The thirty six -year -old suspect claimed to have changed his way, when his mother saw him in the midst of cult members smoking Indian hemp, which caused the mother to wept profusely

He explained that “I hugged my mother and prostrated before her and apologized and promise her to turn a new leaf and since then I have not being relating with my cult members again.”

The suspect also stated that “Last week Tuesday I was in a Magistrate court at Yabba for different charges I had committed before, when policemen came and arrested me. . . I have signed an agreement with my mother that I would not return to cultism.

“I am suffering from my past mistakes, because whenever anything happened in the community my colleagues who I had left in the cult group would lie to the policemen that I am their leader that was why they kept arresting me. They lied against me.” he claimed

The suspect also stated that “said, some of us who are into cult groups, joined out of ignorance because there is nothing we are benefiting from it only disgrace and humiliations. I always tell my colleagues that policemen who are arresting were only preventing us from dying prematurely, when we are kept in the cell nobody dare come near prison.”

On how he escaped from prison, the suspect said “One of my friends identified simply as Asunmon facilitated my release from prison with the assistant of one chief Judge. I don’t know how much my friend paid to get me out. I was only brought out of prison.”


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