How to deploy love for marital bliss

IN last week’s write up,  we considered the respect leg, as one of the two legs on which the marriage institution stands. Today, we will consider the love leg vis-a-vis how it can be deployed. We have already established it on this platform that the greatest need of a woman is love. So, a husband who wants to enjoy the best of relationship with his wife, must of necessity understand how he can deploy the love leg in that wise. To do so, below are some of the ways.


  • Attention

Every woman is prone to attention seeking. She gives her best to any man who pays attention to her. This is one way by which husbands can prove their love to their wives. You pay attention by creating time for her and her concerns. When she calls you to talk to you, you make yourself available. When she has needs, she looks up to you for provision. She simply enjoys your being there for her. I remember a lady who was accosted on the road by police men for making phone calls while driving. She called her husband, and within few minutes, he surfaced. When the police men were proving difficult, he simply ordered her to enter his car, and drove off with her. He later went back to sort things out. The wife told me she could never forget that honour of his action of saving her from the policemen’s embarrassment. I know of another lady whose husband will be calling her to go and get his car off the road, anytime he has issues with the car on the road. His wife has no great respect for him. If you love a woman, you must be ready to take responsibility for her comfort and concerns.


  • Take her out

Wives love it when their husbands take them out to the market, saloon, or social functions. A lady was asked why she fell her husband loved her, one of the things she said was that he was fond of taking her to the saloon. Wives see it as a sign of love, when their husbands act in such a way. As a husband, discover the areas of interest of your wife, and deploy your energy to satisfy her.


  • Buy gifts for her

When you love a person, especially women, your create budget for gifts for her. Most husbands make a mistake by thinking that gifts take a lot of money. Most wives don’t care so much about the value of the gifts. Rather, they love the fact that their husbands have them in mind. That is what matters to them most. For a wife, the mindset is that it takes love for the husband  to even remember to buy something for her. Therefore, the husband should not shy away from buy gifts for his wife, simply because he cannot afford something expensive. Even, coming home with fruits regularly, and body spray and other gift items of interest to your wife, ocassionally, will go a long way to prove your love.


  • Befriend her

Ordinarily, friends are the ones to marry themselves. I was a friend of my husband before we got married. When husband and wife are friends, they treat each other better. In marriage, husband and wife should be each other’s best friend. They do what friends do together: they gist, laugh, share jokes, help each other, and care for each other. Thus, it is nothing for the husband to help with house chores, especially in the kitchen, by staying with her to cook, ocassionally. I take a walk, watch television programmes, share information on social media, with my husband. He is ever ready to engage me without complaining.

There is no hard and fast rule to deploy one’s love to his wife. Knowing her love keys will also help in this direction. So, just be creative in ways that you can profess your love to your wife. I have just given us a tip above.

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