What are the best relationship pieces of advice you ever got?

THE good book says that in the multitude of counsel there is wisdom. Relationships in whatever form could use advice. Some are beneficial, some are not so beneficial. However, in the midst of all of these pieces of   advice, you still have to pick out the advice that you find suited best for you.

For the sake of emphasis, we asked the respondent to give a brief insight into the advice and here we go:


Oluwadunsin Ogunmoyela

As a bachelor, the relationship pieces of advice I ever got were too numerous to mention. Just to mention a few, the most common ones I hear daily are: I should never settle for a lady that doesn’t have a job. Both of us must have a job we are doing before settling down with her no matter how little. Another one people tell me is : I should avoid ladies with fake lifestyle and run far from them. A lady with a fake lifestyle is a fast way to get ruined if you are looking for a serious relationship. That is why you must avoid them like a plague.


Emmanuel Afolayan

The best piece of relationship advice I have ever gotten was ‘Love is a decision, boy, take your time.’ A lot of people rush from one relationship to another, they feel compelled, and it as though they are no longer in control of their own lives and relationship. The moment you ever get into a fix like this, you should take a break and fix things up.

Tinuala Francis

The best relationship advice I have gotten is, It will still end in tears. Avoid see finish. While this advice might look like slander and a very pessimistic one, it is the absolute truth in a lot of cases. When you head into a relationship that is not well-thought-out, all of your senses will be screaming for you to back out. Again, you ignore all the red flags and you open yourself up completely to the other party, it will end in heartbreak and you will have no single defence.


Ajayi Joel

The best relationship advice I have gotten is Fear: women and I really think that you should. Women are really strange, curious creations and you should really fear women. You will only know what a woman wants you to know, it is as simple as that and this is the reason why you should fear women.


Femi Joshua

My best relationship advice will: Don’t love with your heart, love with your head. In a world of emotionally evoked decision, you must be rational. To be rational is to see through the blockade that love might otherwise place in your path. At a time, people used to say love is blind, not anymore though. It is true that love starts from the heart, however, you must open your eyes and see things if you don’t want to be swept off.

Oluwayemisi Ojekola

My best relationship advice is Forgive in advance. Anyone who cannot forgive, especially in advance cannot and should not touch a relationship with the end of a rake. That is the nature of relationships and the way it runs, you will get pissed off by things your partner does, the other party will deliberately do things that you hate. It is in moments like these that your true character shines out and if you cannot forgive, it is only a matter of time before a splinter happens.


Precious Azulika

My best relationship advice would be, It is best if your man loves you more than you love him. It might look foolhardy but the proof is in the fact that love pattern in women can change over time, that of men remains fairly constant. If in the beginning, the man does not love really hard, it will be difficult to make him love as time goes on. With the woman, this is very possible and it occurs more often than not.



My best relationship advice would be, Keep being the good person that you are, no matter the disappointment you encounter in the journey of love. The fact remains that you are more likely to encounter disappointments than you are to avoid them. While these disappointments eventually change some people, you must strive to maintain the goodness of your heart. It is important that you do so.


Uzor Amaka

The best relationship advice I have received is :Instead of being preoccupied with how to make the other party like you, focus on observing how they make you feel. Energy is very contagious, you can read it, and if something is not right, this is where you would know first. Focusing on the outer appearance of love might put you in a bad state, if you are calm enough to filter the energy the other party gives off, you will know what exactly you are walking into.


Opeyemi Elijah

The best relationship advice I have received is antithetical. Do not fall in love. Love is something to be thought out, a feeling that might not be purely rational but you must try to see in front of your feet and figure out your next move. If you fall in love, your instinct deserts you and you are all by yourself.


Next week, we are going to be helping a friend of mine save her relationship with our contributions.  Alisha writes,

‘I and my boyfriend have been together for 8 years, and we are both 26 years old. We are from different social statuses, which my father is very particular of. Should we break up? Are we not meant to be together? Is fate that powerful?’

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