Expert advises women on regular mammography screening

MRS Victoria Opakunle, a senior official in a private hospital in Ilorin, has advised women above 40 years to have regular mammography screening for early detection of breast cancer.

Opakunle gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Abuja.

She said that early detection could save lives as well as prevent partial or complete loss of a breast.

The expert advised that those below 40 years should go for regular breast scan or carry out self-examination.

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According to her, it is unfortunate that in spite of the enlightenment on how to detect early signs of cancer, many women still have poor knowledge of the disease.

“Although cancer cases are on the increase in the country, it could be treated once detected early.

“You do not expect doctors or nurses to perform magic when the cancer growth or tumour had gone past the stages where Chemotherapy could be administered.

“Most cases, when cancer is detected late, a mastectomy becomes the only treatment option, which is surgical removal of one or both breasts partially or completely,” she said.

Opakunle described the most common cancer cases as breast, cervix and prostate cancer in men.

She advised both men and women to maintain healthy lifestyles, carry out regular check-ups or self- examination, and consume fruits while avoiding fatty foods and food containing artificial preservatives.

Opakunle cautioned men against high consumption of alcohol and substances containing caffeine, adding that men were not immune to cancer attack.

“Cancer is no respecter of gender. Men, too, are not left out in the cases of cancer,” she said.

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