El-Zakzaky’s passport: IMN petitions UN, EU, Amnesty Int’l, others

The Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) has petitioned the international communities and Human Rights groups over the seizure of the international passport of their leader, Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky and his wife, Zeenat El-Zakzaky by the Nigerian authorities.

A copy of the petition seen by Tribune Online showed that the group petitioned the United States, European Union, National Human Rights Commission, Canada, Norway and Switzerland.

The petition signed by Abdullahi Musa for the Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria reads: “We write to inform you that despite the 28-July ruling of the Kaduna State High Court, which, apart from discharging and acquitting Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky and his wife, Malama Zeenat, serves yet as another opportunity for them to travel for the long-awaited, and even long overdue, medical treatment, the government has decided to defy the judgement and frustrate the overseas trip as it continues to hinder the couple from retrieving their travel documents.

“Having had the documents confiscated during the aborted medical trip to India, now, in the wake of their being exculpated by the court, the couple remain stranded. But, due to the fact that the medical leave granted by the Kaduna State High Court didn’t require security agents to sequester any travel documents, the seizure was beyond the bounds of legality, a pure transgression. It is glaringly obvious the government is only bending the laws of the land in its pursuit of an unjust cause.

“The couple’s medical reports, submitted to the court in the year 2019 through their counsel, Femi Falana, SAN, brought about its acquiescence in the medical leave to the Asian subcontinent.”

“The court had acceded that the couple’s deteriorating health condition didn’t merely require qualified medical personnel for an effective examination, but also a medical facility with up-to-date equipment.

“Travelling abroad for medical treatment is such a top priority to the couple, and the Sheikh emphasized it the more during our meeting with him on the 31st of July. To expend five [5] years seven [7] months in detention with numerous pieces of bullet shrapnel in the body, releasing deadly poison into the blood, is no child’s play.

“Unfortunately, they, ever since their discharge and acquittal, have not been able to travel outside the country for the much-needed treatment; for, their travelling documents are still with the authority.

“We solicit your kind intervention in the release of the documents as the couple are seriously suffering from many injuries and resultant multiple life-threatening health challenges.”


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