Duncan Daniels set to launch free music production training

Duncan Onyemuwa better known Duncan Daniels aka Dunkishrock is set to launch “A PRODUCTION TRAINING WORKSHOP”. He said the project which was scheduled to kick off in August 2020 was postponed due to the covid 19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown worldwide.

Duncan who is a singer, music producer and philanthropist says the training workshop will be coordinated and facilitated by his production outfit, ‘Dunkishrock Productions. He says that in partnership with some colleagues and other production professionals they will teach and train participants on the basics of music production.

The workshop which will last approximately 2 weeks from Oct. 27th through November 10th 2020 is aimed at guiding the participants through the rudiments and intricate details of production, like use of samples, how to clear samples, mixing, mastering, marketing and planning.

He said the workshop is for all his followers and anyone who wishes to participate and will be streamed on His IG live twice daily. He said 5 participants will be randomly selected to shadow him to gain practical experiences and they will also help him co-produce his next project.

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