Celebrating technocracy in Osun democracy

Democracy, a political concept with an inherent doctrine of egalitarianism, equality and human rights, is a form of government in which people choose leaders by voting. Democracy as a system of government cannot drive itself. It’s driven by government machinery, who are elected members of society. The personality of these ‘machinery’ – a combination of emotional qualities, perception, orientation, experience, capability and behavior, determines the extent to which ‘democratic doctrines’ or dividends are allowed to manifest in a polity.

Also highly needed as a complement to a personality in governance is technocracy, which refers to a system in which people with a lot of knowledge about science or technology control a society. So, it refers to management or governance of society by technical experts or simply, government by technicians.

The combination of technocracy and personality goes a long way in democratic governance and administration. A society that is governed by technocracy or meritocracy would obviously be different in functionality and performance from the one that is governed by quackery or mediocrity. It would be wrong, for instance, to examine the functionality or performance of a government without examining the personality of the machinery of that government.

On emotional quality as an element of personality, Governor Adegboyega Oyetola is reckoned as an excellent emotion manager whose tranquility and mental capacity to maintain equilibrium and emotional calmness before being voted into power and after attaining power deserves commendation.

This commendable disposition of the governor is evidenced in his perception of politics and governance as a service to humanity. His egalitarian, selfless and quality service delivery corroborates this position.

As an excellent emotion manager, Oyetola is a well-behaved person whose calmness, gentility and tranquility can be likened to that of a dove. His technocracy is what obviously continues to propel the state’s democratic ideals, as clearly demonstrated by the governor’s capability. What has manifested in less than two years of Oyetola’s governance in terms of developmental strides shows that his predecessor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, was correct when he described him as cool, calm and collected as Osun is now cool and calm with renewed optimism as the governor continues to facilitate many unprecedented developments to the state.

Oyetola’s performance is surprising to many, especially as he ensures that maintenance of expenditure obligations in one sphere of the economy does not affect performance in other areas.

If Osun, the 34th lowest federal allocation revenue-receiving state out of the 36 states of the federation, could still record the obvious strides, no state in Nigeria should adduce any reason for nonperformance.

Osun is lucky to have a master of technocracy in its democracy, and for this, we celebrate Oyetola, especially as he clocked 66 years a few days back.

Jimoh Olorede



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