Biography of Computer whiz, Zack Harrison

“I’m a bit socially awkward and I’m not great at making new friends.” If you’ve ever felt like your excuse for not being able to achieve anything is that you are socially awkward and have a problem with meeting new people and making friends, then, maybe you should take a leaf from Zack Harrison’s book. As a 21 year old man, Zack has carved a niche for himself in his industry and it is very amazing what he has achieved in 9 working years of his life.

Zach Harrison started his first business at the age of 12 as a minecraft server. He started computer programming at 13, sold his business at 16 and took up a job at 17 working as a Sr.

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Software engineer at Flexicon Inc. as a contractor/consultant for the US Department of Health and Human Services at Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ( In late 2018, he started learning Russian language. There are a lot of other accomplishments that this young man has achieved and topping it all is that at 21, he currently has his own software consulting, PPC advertising, strategic business development consulting firm.

He left his old job because he wanted to be a millionaire and he did that in 6 months. He joined his current industry because of his quest to become a millionaire and also because he was already talented in a specific high paid field of computer science, “Distributed Systems Engineering”.

To Zack, “fear is the small voice in the back of my head doubting whether what I have is sustainable and if I can do everything I want to do at the same time. Every time I move up a level in the Russian language, that is a good example of success.”


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