Meet the Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco, A Rising Influencer in the Business World

Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco holds a long list of impressive titles: podcast host, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, business consultant, accountability coach, mortgage and real estate expert, husband, and father. He plans to add “author” to the list in early 2021 with the release of his book, “Rocket Fuel”. With every platform and opportunity, his mission remains the same: helping others achieve greatness.

“Many people focus on the outward things people should be doing to achieve financial success. I believe that true success in life, be it in finances, relationships, or your own self-actualization is rooted in the stories you tell yourself in your head every day,” he notes.

“Getting your head right is the first step to getting and achieving success, and not enough people are teaching that.”

 In hopes of finding an outlet to fill this gap, Mike started the “What Are You Made Of?” movement, along with his hit podcast, What Are You Made Of? With Mike C-Roc. On the air, he teaches business professionals, showing them how to grow their business starting with a foundation based on culture and accountability, to building their people to unimaginable levels.

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However, as the podcast’s reach expanded exponentially, Mike realized that there was a greater market for storytelling in business. “The reach of “What Are You Made Of?” helped me see how big of a need businesses had to build their people, and People Building Inc. was born,” he says.

 People Building Inc. offers a seven-week mentorship program, one-on-one personal coaching, and public speaking at a variety of events. With a focus on mental, spiritual, physical, and financial literacy, People Building Inc. is committed to Mike’s own life mission: helping others achieve greatness.

Through each of these outlets, Mike has helped hundreds of thousands of people use their setbacks as “rocket fuel” for their comeback. His best advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in the program? “Don’t give up! Things may get hard and will get hard, but keep going! Even if there’s a setback or something negative happens, there’s always something positive that comes from it. As long as you are 100% committed to your goal and that you don’t quit, you will never fail.”



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