Big Friday

Since Gibbers made its debut 9 years and 10 months back, Friday has remained its most decisive, as the zero hour for production. Somehow, the eyes must be white enough, to have something down. There is a no way Fridays can ever be Black around here. Who needs a blackened eye on production day!

The fad in town, majorly sold the rest of the world by the West, is giving a good thing a bad name to be “cool”. When something is so so good, it is “crazy” for this new world order. Isn’t why God says to be cozy with the world is great enmity with Him! Something is “mad” when it is outstanding, for a generation of brood of vipers, who John the Baptist proclaimed was set for the wrath and indignation of God. You wonder how I came about these? Except you don’t have young friends around you, despite such expressions being completely forbidden in my home. Demonic neologisms find quick expansion nearly everywhere youths are. They want to “belong”, so they just catch the “fire”, almost always, through the social media and contents on television and they throw them about, without knowing the origins and care less about the implications of the usage, both socially and spiritually.

Daddy G.O says he stopped listening to secular music as a young Christian, the moment he heard such songs open human spirit up for demonic possession. He destroyed every cassette of then, contaminating his spirit man and affecting his spiritual growth. But not this Gen Z. Except it looks evil, sounds evil, or evil by all inclination, it isn’t funky. Images of demoniac personalities and occult  “make sense” to the people of the world than things godly and of God. Even religious people aren’t left out. For them to be “compliant” and politically-correct, they must agree with the world order. The devil is the prince of this world. If you are of the world, you are his.

Before Kano “saints” disavowed Black Friday, I had been an anti, though my reasons are less religious. It isn’t even so much about the colour mentality and the picturesque attached to the day for special sales. Colour is almost a mirage. It is just the connection between visual perception and light reflection on the object. So, black isn’t reserved for evil and devil isn’t a ugly charcoal-black funny-looking creature. He used to be beautiful, particularly on the inside, because acceptable worship couldn’t have come from an ugly inside. Pride darkened him. I would have been overtly-spiritual analyzing the blackness of their Friday, if they had substituted Black with Dark. A Dark Friday, would be very ominous, though the origin of Black Friday wasn’t without its dark history.

Two crooked investors first used the term Black Friday in 1869 to set the gold market up. They deliberately drove up the price of gold to crash the stock market and cause everybody sorrow. How can that be a pride parade theme?

Anyways, there is a less chaotic modern-day history. In the 50s, a particular Friday in the month of September which was the day after the Thanksgiving in America, saw an unprecedented human and vehicular invasion of the city of Philadelphia by tourists and shoppers who came to town for the hugely-popular Army-Navy day game. Expectedly, security operatives had a torrid time, ensuring sanity on the road and everywhere, hence the coinage Black Friday. Though the game was to hold the next day, a Saturday, the influx introduced the critical holiday season and retailers adopted the name, to reflect their success and encourage more people to shop, by offering discounts.

Yoruba will say, ibi elekun ti nsunkun ni alayo ti nyo (different strokes). While police in the besieged city would pray never to see a day like that again, their tragedy became a jackpot anthem for retailers. Well, maybe not all of them were “cool” with the crimson haul and dripping dash-out to history. Some merchants in the city, according to history, tried changing the name to Big Friday but the alternative never caught on. The heart of man, without the Holy Spirit, is a relaxed accommodation for the eerily foreboding. The dark apostles won. Why won’t the devil be reigning nearly everywhere?

Fridays would have remained eternally Black and Dark if Jesus had not risen and for His followers, it can only be Good, with synonyms like White, Big, correlating with the identity Friday has come to acquire with the celestial.

Why something ominous like Black Friday when you want to promote the joy of buying less and shopping good and big. Why must it drip to lead as they say of Front Page media?

Well, isn’t the same media responsible for the spread of the belly-up fads of the moment that consistently try to sound evil, ugly or trashy to be hippie? Leading actors in politics, entertainment, media, sports etcetera, use the F word like they do with S. Joe Biden, the supposed President-elect of the world will barely speak without a duck into those dirty words. The one he is trying to dethrone is just getting better in avoiding those words, to sound presidential. These are the so-called role models, including basketball stars. Except God be merciful, how can the world recover from this?

The world is so polluted it wants to remain softie with everything dirty. Politics is, everywhere, and possibly worse in America right now, where the integrity of the election has already vanished, despite the avowed cover-up, by the media.

Today, the media is possibly the most corrupt institution in the world. Someday, we will dissect the Five core principles espoused by Ethical Journalism Network; Truth and accuracy, Independence, Fairness and impartiality, Humanity and Accountability and see if any, is still standing. Media, as an enabler, is complicit in the spread of the devilish and needs deliverance, alongside other areas of our lives, being governed by ekwensu.

When Obesere burst open with asakasa (the nonsensical) he became a tribe idol, but many would whistle away from a crusade being held nearby as a noise-pollution. How can such “tribe” thrive?


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