Are we really equal?

There are two children on a dining table, eating from similar plates with similar spoons and even similar mannerisms. But one’s plate contains delectable jollof rice with a huge chicken that drips a spicy sauce. The other contains a wrap of mouldy eba and stale egusi soup of two days, with no meat.

The question arises; why is this so? In this economy where the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, everyone is clinging to his type. In situations where dying young women are rolling at the sturdy feet of rich men and bedraggled children are knocking at bronze gates in hunger, some people still prefer to feed full bellies and pump into overflowing accounts.


And these people are encouraged by the government and its agents.

What else would you call the body of a man (the second day after his death), lying in the pool of blood on a clean sidewalk that had been littered with papers the day before, an oversight of the state waste management workers?

Would the body of a rich man in a similar situation be overlooked so easily? Or would we say that the release of a young cultist from police custody immediately after the police received a call from his father is merely a mistake in judgment? Or would the federal government be this handicapped if Leah Sharibu were a senator’s daughter?

Back to our two young men, they are all grown up. Both have graduated from the same university, the same department, with the same degree and the same grades. After applying in the same institution for the same job, one gets employed and one ends up sweeping the streets.

And the question is asked again; why is this so?

For the same reason that some men earn two million naira per annum (approximately 5,500 naira per day) and others, like them, earn less than a dollar a day. Indeed, all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.


Adegoke Ayomide



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