Are we fighting insecurity?

The question many justifiably ask today is whether the Nigerian government is truly fighting the Boko Haram and Islamic States West Africa Province terrorist group.

The answer to that question is obvious because from all indications, it has been proven that the Nigerian government is handling the problem of insurgency with levity. One will continue to wonder if the terrorist groups are more powerful than the Nigerian armed forces comprising the Nigerian Army, Air Force, Nigeria Navy and the police.

If truly the Nigerian government is seriously fighting the Boko Haram and Islamic States West Africa Province, why is it that the combination of all the military personnel cannot jointly push out the terrorists from the north-eastern state of Borno? This should have been achieved with the ammunition, both for ground and air offensive which they claimed they have acquired by this present administration to the tune of millions of dollars.

Is it that the surveillance equipment of the Nigerian Air Force are not working or is it that the military personnel are deliberately not doing their statutory responsibility of surveillance through the air to know when the terrorists are about to strike, or is the morale of the personnel is down?

If truly Nigeria’s military procured many sophisticated fighting equipment as claimed late last year, then where are those equipment? If the fighting equipment were truly purchased, why has the military not been able to monitor the activities of terrorists in their hideouts and capture them?

With what is happening consistently in Nigeria’s North- East, especially in Maiduguri, Borno State, one can confidently conclude that the Nigerian government, as well as the military, has failed the citizens of the North – East in protecting their lives and properties.

Terrorist activities for whatever reasons are unacceptable in Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

 Agunloye Adewunmi Bashiru, 


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