30-year-old double amputee gives birth to triplets in Kogi •Cries for help

A 39-year-old woman, Mrs. Mercy Mudi Daniel, who had her right limb and leg amputated recently, has been delivered a set of triplets. While the woman has been deep in relief and in thanksgiving for her bundles of joy, she is obviously wrapped in some form of confusion emanating from her yet-to-be-cleared hospital bills and how to see to the upkeep of the babies.

Mercy Daniel, who hails from Ogbabo community in Ofu Local Government Area of Kogi State, is married to her husband of five years. Their union had been childless until recently when she took in and the result of the pregnancy was three bouncy baby boys.

Mrs Daniel, while speaking with newsmen in her home in Ogbabo could not conceal her confusion. She spoke amid sobs to explain that she grew up like every normal child full of expectations until when she was involved in motor accident. The accident led to the amputation of her right arm and leg.

She added that her husband Mr. Mudi Daniel, who is a subsistence farmer, had tried all he could to be able to carry the medical bills. She said it was tough ensuring the family up keep and now the weight of the burden of running the family has been increased by the recent delivery of three baby boys.

She said: “My husband is a very loving and caring man. He has worked and is still working so hard. He has resorted to selling all that he has laboured for to ensure that I’m alive. He has been supportive as he doesn’t want me to be stigmatised.

“However, our marriage was without the fruit of the womb until recently when God answered our prayers. What can I say? I can’t blame God who knows my condition and still bless me with triplets.

“We had nothing to even go to the hospital for the delivery. God in his infinite mercy assisted me to deliver at home without problems. We have nothing to take care of these babies. We call on the government and well meaning Nigerians to help us to cope with the demand of their upkeep.

“We acknowledge the effort of the Deputy Governor of Kogi State Edward Onoja, who visited us.  We are soliciting for help from Nigerians so that these babies could be brought up normally.”

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