‘M & C radio will propagate Yoruba culture’

Bukola Ayenimowa, the marketing and special events manager of Music & Culture (M &C) radio station, has said that the King Sunny Ade-owned outfit will propagate Nigerian and African culture, and not just Yoruba culture.

In an interview chat with R on Thursday, he said “as much as KSA is a Yoruba man, he is more than Yoruba. KSA has become a global brand and pride of not just Ondo State and Nigeria, but also Africa.”

On how it handles competition with other radio stations from Ondo, Ayenimowa said the station was already making wave beyond Ondo State, especially with its Hausa news, Yoruba news, Igbo programmes and Ebira programmes and other cultures.

“You know KSA is always ahead and we have directors like Ambassador Yemi Farounbi, Mr Dejo Olugbodi and Mr Clement Ige on board. They make things happen here,” he asserted.

Asked why the station is more about culture, and not music that King Sunny Ade is known for, he stated that music cannot be divorced from culture. According to him, “King Sunny Ade preaches Nigerian culture through both music and culture. That is why he put the two together and got the station’s name. The station happens to be the first music and culture station in Nigeria where we listen to different languages and music.”