Cleric urges Nigerians to seek divine solution to nation’s challenges

A cleric with the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Anointed Blessed City, Akoka District, Yaba, Lagos State, Pastor Ola Afolabi, has urged Nigerians to look for divine solutions to the nation’s myriad of challenges.

Speaking with TribuneChurch on the district’s forthcoming 21-day programme, scheduled for the month of July, Pastor Afolabi, who is also the Minister in Charge of the district, stated that the warning became imperative since human wisdom had failed to bring the required solution to those challenges.

He stated that the programme, expected to feature ministers in God’s vineyard, is designed to lift the nation up in prayers and look for divine solutions to its problems.

“We have looked at what is happening in this country and we are not happy. But we believe that God is there to give an answer, to intervene. We know that He is always there, waiting for  us, His children, to call on Him for divine solution.

“We want to play our role as a church and as citizens of the country. In the book of Jonah, Chapter 4, a king called on God and God answered. If there had been any reason the nation is going this way, we know after this programme, God will intervene by providing solutions.

“In 2 Chronicles 7:14, God says when we call upon him and  repent  of our sins, He would forgive us and heal the land. That is why we believe that after this programme, Nigeria will be healed,” Afolabi stated.