What to do to make your nails beautiful

October 16, 2016 Rita Okonoboh

AS insignificant as they may seem, a person’s nails serve many benefits including making the hands beautiful and detecting a person’s health status. For fashion enthusiasts, caring for the nails by visiting a pedicurist, sometimes, […]

Recession: Wigs to the rescue

October 9, 2016

IN the spirit of the economic recession, more ladies are embracing wigs as a new-found love. Wigs come in various lengths, styles, shapes, texture and sizes, and are an affordable and easier option for caring […]

Dressing up for Independence

October 2, 2016 Rita Okonoboh

Despite the economic circumstances, there is always a reason to celebrate and with the recent declaration by the Federal Government of a public holiday tomorrow, families can take the opportunity to engage in celebrating Nigeria’s […]

7 ways to style box braids

September 18, 2016 Rita Okonoboh

COME rain or shine, braids never go out of style and they come in handy for nearly every woman. They can be made with hair extensions, wool, thread or even the natural hair (although it […]

Dressing up with purple lipstick

July 24, 2016 David

Purple lipstick was predicted at the beginning of 2016 to take over the fashion world and with half of the year gone, the bold colour is still holding strong for red carpet events, weddings, office […]

Looking your best in wedding photos

July 24, 2016

Your wedding photos, like your spouse, will stick with you for the rest of your life (that’s the goal, at least). So how do you make sure—on such a busy and happy day—that you’re posing […]

Tips to get natural white teeth

July 17, 2016

Many people desire a killer-smile, and white teeth also contributes in no small measure towards achieving this. Certified expert in natural medicine, Dr Josh Axe, shares six ways to naturally whiten your teeth:   Brush […]

Hair care for rainy season

July 10, 2016 Rita Okonoboh

I’m a student, and sometimes, I get caught up in the rain and my hair gets all wet. The rain also makes my hair lose its retouched state and  it becomes all tangled and hard. […]

Going natural

July 3, 2016 Rita Okonoboh

SINCE 2015, more and more women are embracing the natural look. From Kate Henshaw to Omoni Oboli, and quite recently, Shola Allyson, ladies have taken the decision to go back to their roots. This may […]