Styling with brooches

Dating back to the earliest times when fashion accessories first gained classic recognition, brooches have evolved over time from being used to hold up outfits, to being used as a fashion statement. Through the many […]

Five must-know facial makeup zones

For true makeup enthusiasts, experts or amateurs, understanding the concept of zoning is one of the key elements to getting the perfect outlook when it comes to makeup application. After all, it is a popular […]

How to get the perfect lip shape

LIPS, from time immemorial, have rarely failed to accentuate a lady’s overall beauty. Interestingly, they come in as many shapes and sizes. However, not everyone is blessed with the gift of a perfect pout, going […]

Grooming mistakes men should avoid

STYLE is what you put on your body. Grooming is how you present your body. However, just as people notice your bow tie, blazer or oxfords, they also notice your hair, skin, and appearance. In […]

Makeup products to ditch in hot weather

As uncomfortable as the weather has become, tempting as it may seem, using makeup should not cause as much discomfort as well. Nike Adedayo of Niki’Ayo Beauty Studio, in an interaction with Makeover, explains that […]

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