7 unusual ways to rock headwraps

February 19, 2017 Rita Okonoboh

MORE and more women are evolving ways to stand out fashionably in public. From glitter makeup to crop tops, bold-coloured hair extensions, cut-out shoulders, and knee-straining heels, more ways to wow, when it comes to […]

Wedding makeup 101: Tips for flawless style

February 5, 2017

The reception: Considering the desire to keep to time, maintaining that flawless look will take a combination of expertise, discipline, patience, and more importantly, professional speed. Go for an outfit that prioritises comfort. You would […]

Why bridal artistes charge high

February 5, 2017 Yemisi Seriki

I have virtually lost count when it comes to the number of phone calls I get from intending brides. I humbly tell them my rates and here’s the usual responses/questions — “Haba just for makeup […]

All you need to know about adhesive bras

January 29, 2017

Dear Makeover, I read your article on ‘how to go braless.’ I’m thinking of getting an adhesive bra for a dress for an event and I’m confused on how to go about it. Can you […]

Rocking green and red this festive season

December 25, 2016

DURING this festive season, beginning today, Christmas Day, through to Boxing Day and down to the early days of 2017, there will be many events – office parties, Christmas carols, family get-together, special religious services, […]

Stylish trends for the bowlegged

December 18, 2016

FOR many ladies with bowlegs, trying to keep up with fashion trends can be tiresome and such persons may find themselves limited when it comes to choosing outfits, particularly with skirts, pants and shorts. However, […]

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