Young flyers stand an unforgettable trip with Emirates

Comfort is the major demand of customers while on board an airline in order to make the trip a memorable one. To this end, airlines strive hard to ensure that utmost satisfaction of their customers are taken care of. Emirates airline is not left out in this. As a matter of fact, this airline also pays attention to young flyers on board with tasty meals, non-stop entertainment, toys and goodies to inspire the greatest of imaginations. It goes every step of the way to give children extra comfort while on a trip.

The world largest international airline, Emirates, offer a range of products and services with the needs of children in mind, and it shares its passion and love for adventure with these future travellers as well as stimulate their curiosity.

Toy is one of Emirates offerings on board. To fuel a sense of wonder and imagination, Emirates has developed its own set of toys for children. Fly with me animal toys were launched in a range of four original character collections in November 2015 for pre-schools. These cuddly and playful animals each have their own personalities and traits, and are ideal companions for a flight and beyond. Every six months, four new animals will be introduced giving children more to collect. The toys come in three product lines; Travel Buddy – a cuddly toy with a plastic toggle allowing it to be hung in the car, on a pram or in the cot, Carry Buddy – dual purpose toy and blanket, and Magnetic sketchers – unique characters to keep kids entertained, with drawing and easy erasing functionality.

Also, the Fly with Me Lonely Planet Kids is another set of products for children. Emirates has teamed up with the travel experts at Lonely Planet Kids to create packs that inspire older children to explore more of the world. The Fly with Me Lonely Planet Kids products come in four variations – two specially designed retro-style rucksacks, and two cool bags. Each bag features different content to encourage a sense of adventure in young travellers. These include fold-out world maps, travel journals, plastic drink bottles, cards with world facts and various educational books exclusive to Emirates. These products will be refreshed every six months.

The Fly with Me Animals Magazine is also another product produced exclusively for Emirates young flyers between the ages of three and eight years. It is a fun and colourful magazine each magazine includes a colouring set which features Emirates Little Travellers characters-iconic Emirates cabin crew and pilot characters exploring the world.

Emirates airline provides meals and special products for babies, toddlers, and children on all routes Emirates offers. Designed meal trays featuring the Emirates Little Travelers, and Special kids meals which can be ordered in advance, are some of the offers available for kids. Babies enjoy Emirates Toiletry kits with wet wipes, cream, bib, teething ring and tissue pack, Child-friendly liners for the bassinet, and Baby food, formula, feeding bottles and diapers.

Young travellers on Emirates receive specially designed headphones for a better fit and they can enjoy dedicated channels of children and family programming. These fun and colorful new headphones have larger speakers for a more comfortable fit and improved sound quality. Emirates offers a wide variety of children’s programming including the very best movies and television from Disney, Cartoon Network, CBeebies and Nickelodeon channels plus much more.

Shortly before the Emirates flight departs, the Lounges in Dubai, both first and business classes are also made fun for children. These young travellers are kept busy with dedicated areas in the lounges. They have play areas, with adequate seating for parents to supervise their children. These play areas offer plenty of entertainment and exciting interactive games suitable for kids of all ages, up to older teens. A separate range of Fly with Me toys and activity kits have been specially designed for the lounges, which includes the Fly With Me Cuddle Buddy, a soft comfort blanket for infants, Fly With Me Animal Tin Cases with magnets and activity sheets for toddlers. Fly With Me Lonely Planet Kids case for older children featuring a fold-out board game, spinner, ID holder, lanyard, gadget stand and pen.

Other special services for children and infants include, priority boarding for families with small children, special fares for children aged two to 11, 10kg free baggage allowance for infants not occupying a seat, baby kits, bassinets, nappies and baby change tables, baby bottles, milk formula and two types of jar food as well as food/bottle heating services, special ‘stroller’ delivery service for parents with babies in Dubai, provided immediately after disembarking, and family check-in area at Dubai.


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