Why many talented Africans are either poor or attracting low finances

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Now to the real issue before us right now. It is indeed a burning issue that I want to proffer a solution to. How do I mean? Over the years, I have seen talents and poverty cohabiting on this continent. I study and relate very widely, so I know my continent very well. Many Nigerians and Africans as a whole faultily and incorrectly think that all they need to have to become successful is talent, but they do not know that raw talents do not attract high-finances.

A while ago, I was given a contract to write an anthem for a higher place of learning in Nigeria. I remember what happened during one of the meetings I had with those calling the shots of that place of learning. After showing them what I birthed, one of them said, “And you said he studied Mechanical Engineering while he was on campus? He is so talented…” Unknown to the man, what he saw was a byproduct of a skill, not raw talent. A talent is not capable of wowing anyone, only a skill can get that done. And amongst some other things, it takes years of consistent hard-work to convert a talent to a skill.

What God gave us when we were coming to the face of the earth are talents. There is no one who is on earth today who is talent-less. Everyone on earth today is talented. Al least, you will have a talent. And a talent is like a raw material that you will need to use to birth a high-valued product. The value that is put on a finished-product is higher than that of the value people put on a raw material. In other words, the value people put on talents isn’t as much as the one they put on skills. We have witnessed many talented Africans; it is high time skillful Africans began to emerge! High-finances can only be accessed at the realm of skills, not at the phase of talents. Kindly don’t forget this, as long as you live.

Africans being talented is never in doubt. Africans—from Kenya to Cameron, from Nigeria to Gabon, from Ivory Coast to Gambia—are extremely talented, but very deficient when it comes to rare skills that magnetize high finances. This is why many Africans are either poor or attracting low finances. A few days ago, I met with a very talented Nigerian, who is barely surviving.  You cannot doubt him being talented and he being poor is very obvious too. Before I met with him, he thought all he needed to have to become successful in life was just a talent. He is one of the millions of our people in Nigeria, who neither read through good books nor attend conferences that add priceless value. He is one of a sea of faces of Nigerians, who do not know that to convert a talent to a skill takes a long time.

I was at a meeting where a very talented lady came to sing. It was evident to all that she was talented. Also, it was not hidden that she was not skillful a hoot as a songster. I have met with many youngsters like her and when you advise them to attend relevant trainings, they would look at you as if you do not know what you are saying and doing. Over the years, I have been everywhere to be trained, because I know that being talented is not enough. To have a voice on earth, you will need to convert your talent to a skill. This is non-negotiable.

As a youth, do you desire a different 2020? If yes, you will need to take some deliberate steps. You will need to look for relevant seminars/conferences as much as you look for prayer meetings, because prayer meetings are not enough to become successful on earth. You know we are very religious in Nigeria. In fact, it is religion that is preventing a lot of Africans from fulfilling destiny.

Take for instance; you are talented to be a boxer. But you need to understand that being a talented boxer is not enough. If you stay at this phase, you are going to end up becoming nothing as a boxer. To become successful as a boxer like Anthony Joshua, you would need to submit to a coach for all it takes to become a skillful one. This is non-negotiable.

One major reason why many talented people are either poor or attracting low finances is because they detest submitting to a coach/mentor. They hate being under the custody of anyone. They wrongly think that being talented is enough. I was teaching somewhere recently and I told them that I am under the custody of some relevant and strategic people. I started living this way many years ago. To have access to what you ask or what you do not ask for, you need to be under the custody of relevant and strategic people.

In the year 2020 and beyond, for a talent of yours to be turned to a skill, you will do well to look for relevant books to read and relevant training to attend. And look for relevant and strategic people to be under their custody. Mentors/coaches will tell you what to do and what not to do. They will tell you where to go and where not to go. They will show you who to move with and who not to move with. Remember, talent is free, but skill is costly. Till I come your way next week, I do wish you a Merry Christmas and I strongly desire to see you where skilful leaders are found!

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