Why do you prefer a boarding school?

Respondents are students of Medmina College, Iyana Ajia, Egbeda, Ibadan, Oyo State

Banjo Abdul Rahaman, JSS 3

A boarding school is a place where a student lives temporarily to gain knowledge. I appreciate the fact that in a boarding school, there are fewer distractions and friends, teachers and seniors have enough and are always there to help. In addition to this, in a boarding school, there is culture of reading together which aids rubbing minds and by extension, individual’s knowledge is broadened.  Boarding school environment is the best.


Salmah Liman Nnagi, SS 1

The reason I prefer a boarding school is that it is an environment to learn new things. I would get used to new things like: waking up early, more disciplined, have time to face my studies without distractions unlike day school where I would make use of my phone after school, watch television and so on. Boarding house teaches one how to adapt to new life style and environment. In that case, it would not be difficult to survive in the university. In a boarding school, you also learn how to sweep, arrange wardrobe and other domestic chores because some people do not do any house chores at home. One also gets to learn new languages and also meet new friends.


Abass Ossai Bashir, JSS 2

I have many reasons why I prefer boarding school to day school. A boarding school is better in my perspective. It helps us to learn to survive without our parents and siblings, makes it easier to learn and find your inner strength.


Muhammad Mubarak Muhammad, SSS 3

Boarding school is a conducive environment for learning.  Being in a burden school helps me to be focused on my studies. In a boarding school one relates with other people who are not members of your family which I see as training on how to live independently in future when one becomes an adult. In a boarding school, there is a schedule for everything which is compulsory to follow. These could be an adoption into our daily lives.


Oladoyin Farida Akanni, SSS 2

I chose boarding school because as a boarder, you have lesser chores to do and more time to study. In a boarding school, after closing hours, we have opportunity to discuss with your teacher if one has difficulty in any subject. If I were a day student, there will be a lot of distractions like phones, television, games, etc but as a boarder, I am restricted from all these things. Another thing I like about boarding school is that you learn how to relate with different types of people and situations. Boarding house has helped me to maximize my time.


Abubakar Ahmad, SSS 1

I prefer a boarding school because students have opportunity to learn how and actually do their work personally. It teaches students morals towards their mates and elders. Being here also aids maximum concentration in our studies. Aside academic work, our school engages us in vocational training. In addition to this, we are taught to maximise time by making a daily routine and also students would have more responsibilities in taking care of their own belongings. It also reduces our exposure to foul language. Boarding school is the best for students because it always keeps the students ready for their future responsibilities.


Faysal Oloso, JSS 1

In my opinion, boarding school is better than day school. I have learnt how to take care of myself and resources and this, I see as preparation for adulthood. The platform is meant to become mature. Boarding school is better when it comes to secondary school because there are more subjects and longer hours to spend. Students who go to school from home have additional responsibilities particularly running errands for their parents.

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