Why do we go to school?

WHEN a someone brings up a conversation on school, what is the first thing you think about? Kindergarten? Elementary? High school? College? Regardless of the level of education, they are all important in their own way.

School is a place or method of growth and expansion of character. It’s a vicinity for preparation. Like they say, education is the best legacy, and if school is expensive, try ignorance. That alone tells you the power of education. I’m glad to tell you that, there are reasons you should go to school.

We go to school to acquire knowledge, to learn, to be skillful, be liberated, exposed, independent and many more. The truth is that we just have to go to school to be different. There is more to school than what we think.

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Although, people argue that some illiterates are more successful than the educated ones, well it happens, because we have goalless educated souls but there is always a difference in both mode of operation and package. That’s the power of education, DIFFERENCE, the ability to be skillfull.

For example, the seven-year old girl named Success, whose video went viral months ago about school fee whereby she chose to be flogged than to be sent home, that she knows the gang of being educated.

However, we shouldn’t depend on our certificate after school to work. We have gone to school to study and acquire skills. The time to make use of the skills completely is after school. That’s why most people find it difficult to deliver to the public because they depend on their certificate, and that’s why we need to understand the fact that CERTIFICATE ONLY CERTIFIES AND NOT SATISFIES  the ability to deliver our certificate is what will satisfy us. Nevertheless, what we study might not be what we will be in future, but we still need to be educated, So go to school to be certified and satisfied.

Deborah Mustapha,