Violence is never good

These days, being cruel is considered great; movies show violence, revenge, abuse, assault, conspiracy, etc.

A toxic culture is being accepted and acknowledged to be great and superior. You and I are contributing to a future generation with progressive grades and regressive values. This is alarming.

Teach your children to be kind. That it takes a strong character to be kind. To offer someone help without expectations. Tell them that kindness is not an attribute of the meek, soft, mellowed down human. It doesn’t mean you’re weak minded or timid.

BREAKING: PDP governors meet over National Assembly leadership elections

Tell them that weak people assault. Tell them that bullying shows how weak a bully is. Take efforts to appreciate even the minutest act of kindness you see around. It is a rare gem.

Tell your children that kindness is an attribute of the elite, of kings, of gods.


Abejide Grace Atinuke


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