Uthman Outlines Vision For ‘BitDefi&JdiCyber’

One peculiar thing with business people is that they set goals more than others. They do not just set goals; they set ambitious ones, regardless of the timeframe they have to accomplish them.

Uthman Akinpelu, chief executive officer ofBitDefi&JdiCyber, a major Newspapering organization & Social/Financial Club respectively in Nigeria, has set his sight on his vision for the company for the two months left in 2022.

Uthman Akinpelu, who is fondly known as AkinTheFirstis from Lagos State but he is dominating territories in African countries. The companyBitDefi is popular in the nation for being a reliable source for financial news and information from all over the world while JdiCyber is known for it’s presence as the number one social media marketing agency, social and financial club in Nigeria, which has earned it a high reputation.

Uthman Akinpelu’ssocial media company runs solely on the internet. More so, according to him, the internet “is the best place to run a successful business in this century.”

In an interview he granted recently, Uthman Akinpelu mentioned that BitDefi News was planning to employ a minimum of 20 nigerians to work remotely as content writers and financial analysts. There is a lot you can do from the comfort of your home, he stated.

“Now that BitDefi News has mastered newspapering work, we are collaborating with some notable global media & news organization to enable us venture into other arms of the industry this year,” Uthman Akinpelu stated.

Whatever name anyone decides to give the service they render does not matter, as what would determine the value of the brand is the service and satisfaction of consumers or clients.

However, having assumed that the name BitDefi was easily generated out of my love for digital currencies & decentralized finance- an insinuation Uthman Akinpelu rightly dispelled as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

‘I named it BitDefi (Bitcoin & Decentralized Finance) not because of my love for bitcoin which everyone knows about. I can say it inspired it but it isn’t the reason for the company name. Bitcoin has proven itself worthy of being one of the most valuable assets ever regardless of it’s volatility and decentralized finance is an emerging financial technology based on secure distributed ledgers similar to those used by cryptocurrencies. I believe that these are the future of money and I believe the future is digital and that is why I have chose that name,’ Uthman Akinpelu said.

Continuing, Uthman Akinpelu added, “both my companies have grown beyond my expectations and are still growing. They connote reliability, accuracy and simplicity at its peak. We enjoy seeing new visitors on news website as it proves that our reliability score increases.”

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