UPDATE: NASS management moves to bar Sani-Omolori from accessing premises

There is a heightened security presence at the National Assembly complex on Thursday deployed in a bid to prevent the embattled Clerk of the National Assembly Mohammed Ataba Sani- Omolori from accessing the Assembly, Tribune Online has learnt.

Tribune Online also gathered that the security presence was a measure adopted by the management of the national assembly to prevent San-Omolori from accessing the precinct of the Assembly complex and his office.

The Clerk has maintained a tradition of resuming office early but as at the time of filing in this report, his office is locked, this many said is out of his daily resumption protocol.

Our correspondent who went round some of the offices early Thursday observed that while some offices have brought down the picture of the embattled Clerk of the National Assembly, from their walls, where it was earlier posted alongside that of the Chairman of the National Assembly and  President of the  Senate, some still have his pictures standing on the walls of their offices.

Another source close to the Clerk dismissed the increased presence of security means as one deployed to prevent Sani-Omolori from accessing his office but to prevent hoodlums who may want to hijack a planned protest by Sani-Omolori’s supporters billed to take place this morning at the National Assembly.

He said their mission was strict to draw the attention of lawmakers to the need to follow due process on the exit from service of Omolori who is retiring in the month of June next year.

He said they management cannot do that, have they served him a letter, has he accepted, does he not have rights to his office, that will not happen? why the hurry?” The source wondered ”

Tribune learnt that the reason for the latest travail of the Clerk was that he has remained adamant on following due process in carrying out administrative duties as the chief accounting officer of the National Assembly.

Moreso than he is at the peak of his career,” Oga Omolori is very conscious that finishing well is critical for every civil servant, this is not the time to become frivolous in any matter that concerns his duty.

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The Source maintained that while there may be jubilation on the side of those who want him out, there are those who are also concern about the smooth running of the bureaucracy and Omolori and a number of the top management staff have people who want them to stay too.

“You media men have been saying it will affect 149 persons, in actual facts it will affect 180 senior personnel and about 50 management staff. By this action, the Clerks of the twin Chambers are going and there is not enough manpower in the system to replace them and manage the National Assembly effectively.

Those who are good retired early and created a wide gulf in the manpower of the national assembly. This is why many retired staff of the national assembly are now taken back on contract at a huge cost to the system.

More importantly, the source said the House of Representatives has not rescinded its resolution extending the age limit for staffers from 35 to 40 for years of service and from 60 to 65 years of age, either would determine the exit point for any staff of the national assembly bureaucracy.

Another source said, Sani-Omolori cannot rely on the decision of one Chamber of the National Assembly especially the lower house when a binding resolution should come from both Chambers.

He said “The Clerk of the National Assembly, like all other staff of the National Assembly, are employed by the National Assembly Service Commission.

All issues of promotion, discipline and all forms of benefits are taken by the Commission and communicated to all staffers including the ” The Clerk” who is the most senior in the administration of the National Assembly the source said.


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