The Aso Ebi culture

Parties have evolved from just any celebration to being a ground for all kinds of display; wealth, power, influence, trends to intimidate circle of friends and exhibit superior financial strength, among others. In fact, a true party is shown by how many trends the organizer invents in today’s society.

In all these lies the most significant part of the showbiz of owanbe – Aso Ebi What is an event without the uniform?  It probably shows that a particular person does not belong or is a snitch that is not happy for their friends at their event by just buying few yards of the distinguishing material, simply put, they are seen as what Nigerians call bad belle

It is disturbing these days that people go a long way to satisfy the ASO EBI desire.  These fabrics are no longer for the poor; before you know it, one is spending thousands on an occasion dress that some would not even want to wear again.  This is just to remind us how it was in the good old days when there was true love and contentment among the people. History brings it to us that companionship, availability and service in a friend’s party were more appreciated then.

The painful part of this Aso Ebi issue in Nigeria is that many people spend their last dime on the materials or even borrow, just to feel among their friends. In situations whereby they cannot afford the awkwardly expensive materials, they would be tagged as broke people. We are gradually moving a step backward from the main point of celebration to intimidation; many people just want to show off what they have to others just to get them intimidated.

It is so beautiful when you wear the same outfit for parties, this makes everything uniform, beautiful and unique but what we should understand is that we should let our main point of attending these parties clear intentions of love and support from friends and families to the host. There is a need to stop unnecessary superiority battle with material things that add no value.

Favour Boluwade,