S**x positions skill for the married

One of the key focus in the next level s**x discuss is s**xual skills. One of such skills is s**x positions. Great s**x  must be skillful. A lot of couples don’t pay attention to the skills involved in s**x. All they know is just to rise and sink, using the missionary s**x style. This will not suffice in this age. Couples must begin to explore various s**x styles that offer maximum satisfaction in the act of s**x. This will go a long way to bring down the rate of infidelity and divorce today. Or is it not a known fact that many married people are divorcing due lack of s**xual satisfaction. Like one lady put it, “my husband doesn’t know how to s**x.”

The following are some of the best s**x styles available for couples’ enjoyment, as a guide to discovering others.


Husband on top/ Missionary position

This is the most commonly used s**x position of all ages. It’s like the starter in the s**x experience of humanity. Even, the novice in the game will most likely be familiar with this style. According to Tim and Beverly laHaye, “our research indicates that 91% of couples use the man above position all of the time, or most of the time.‘’


Wife on top position

This position puts the wife in the driver’s seat which allows the husband to relax so as to last longer in the act. This style gives the wife the advantage of being in control and setting the pace for having the greatest pleasure in bed. A big frame husband with a small frame wife should find this position most convenient.

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C.A.T. position

C.A.T stands for Coital Adjusted Technique. This is basically a face to face position just like in the missionary position. The difference between the two positions is that the man shifts higher here in such a way that his shoulder and head are about six inches higher up the bed than in the missionary position. In this position, the man does not penetrate her, but the stem or root of the manhood is pulled hard against the clitoris so as to produce great sensations in that all important tiny organ.


Reverse Cow Girl position

This is simply a reverse variation of the woman on top position. The man lies on his back,while the woman faces the other way and sits on his manhood. Then in her own time she gradually lowers herself so that with his manhood inside her, her back is lying fully outstretched on the front of his body.


Pinner/Hold down position

The woman lies flat on her front and the man lies faces down on top of her. He then penetrates her from behind


Spoon position

This is the position where the woman lies on her side and the man lies curled up round her bottom{like spoons in a drawer} and penetrates her from behind.


Doggie position

This is another great rear entry position that allows him to be in control of actions, allowing him to dictate the pace that best suits him. The rear entry here can be while she is kneeling on the bed, or holding the edge of the bed from any side , or it can be on the floor if clean enough.


Stand Up position

This standing position is one that is suitable for that “I must have you now’’ s**x that will make him feel irresistible. Whether it is standing against the wall, or settee or kitchen table, it’s a perfect one for a spontaneous quickie.


Husband seated/face to face lapping position

In this position, the husband sits on a chair or low couch, the wife sits on his lap face to face, lowering herself on his manhood at her pace, especially if she wants to avoid painful entry.


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