Stylish short for guys

SHORTS represent one of the most restrictive fashion articles that men struggle to pull off, however, it could be used to get a fashion advantage. While it is seen as an informal article because it exposes the legs too much, it could be blended in to make a leisure fashion statement as a smart casual.

Over the last decade, shorts have gotten shorter and there is a need to find the right fit of short. Most fashionista believe that the right fit is one that grazes the bottom of the thigh. Regardless of the material of the short, the fashion article can come off as leisurely comfortable and stylish at the same time. There are few other fashion pieces that can rival the short at providing this feeling.



As a piece in a casual outfit, the short can be paired with a simple button-down shirt or a polo. To achieve a more classy look, shirt and short colours should be simple and free of heavy branding. A slip-on or boat shoe will finish the relaxed look and put the spotlight on you. While you have the liberty of playing with colours, it is best when you keep It simple and straightforward.

Short is the best for camping and picnics as it allows you blend in with nature and show off your legs. Short also allow you to stay in sync with nature without having to go out of your way especially during the dry season.


Smart casuals

You need to be sure that short will be appropriate before incorporating it into your smart casuals. A chinos short would be great on simple dress shirt and an appropriate blazer or a lightweight sweater. Pairing with a loafer or sneaker will make it just perfect. The right shoes is essential in pulling off the right smart casual dressing when a short is involved.