Look before you leap into extra marital affairs

I am writing this as the last on this issue since it seems to have become the norm in our society, going by the unfavorable update I have received so far from readers of this column. It has not generated the usual exciting remarks one receives from our readers. Or is  it that we are having sober reflection? The danger of this however is that upcoming generation may see extra marital as being a good part of the married life. This will not be good for the society going by the consequences of the virus cloned as extra marital affairs. I have therefore decided to draw attention to the grave consequences, in case anyone is going to take the plunge into the extra troubles affairs, before I draw the curtains here, at least for now.

As we consider the following consequences, let us know that it will take us farther than we can imagine in terms of destination and effects. In essence the end result is unpredictable, and usually disastrous. The risks involved are too numerous, and many have discovered they are not palatable for one to cope with.

  • It will destroy the trust, loyalty and commitment of one’s partner when the lid is off. The truth is, the lid will definitely be off some day, it’s only a matter of time. Trust is like an egg, once broken the pieces are not easily put together. It becomes like the case of the person treating a mentally challenged one: you don’t sleep with the two eyes closed. It is always a case of once beaten, twice shy.
  • Couples stand the risk to their health from transmitable veneral diseases. I was opportune to attend a health talk at UCH one day when I took my Dad there for his medical routine. I was amazed at the number of diseases that were attributed to the transmitted through sexual intercourse, one of which is Cervical Cancer.
  • Hurts that may never be assuaged. It’s been discovered that women nursing hurts especially as a result of marital problems are more prone to terminal diseases such as Cancer. Further more, the effect of hurts on individuals goes deeper than can be imagined. It’s killing!
  • Family disintegration due to possibility of divorce. Many families have suffered disintegration due to marital unfaithfulness. Such include separated home, scattered children, Street fighting by couples. In the end, it is the larger society that suffers the most through delinquents being raised from such disintegration.
  • Destruction of the fate of children in the marriage institution. Children seem to be more at receiving end when their parents’ sexual escapades are exposed. They simply conclude that nobody can be trusted. And this create a serious problem for them eventually when and if they get married.
  • Loss of life if the hurting partner is overwhelmed by vengeful jealousy, and decides to take laws into his/her hands. The rate of such cases in our society is growing by the day. We can live without such situations .
  • These effects could be spiral on families caught in the web, since affairs is not only with singles only. Many families suffer from the consequences of marital cheating in the long run.
  • The consequences of unwanted pregnancies resulting from such illicit affairs have caused more harm than good to the family institution, and the society at large.


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