Spooning affairs

You have decorated your kitchen with utensils for so long and you have no idea why some of these exist?  This is an idea of what handled utensils in form of spoons and the like are used for.

Baby spoon: To feed babies as the name suggests, since babies need a little at once

Long drink or cocktail spoon:  Long handled so you don’t get your hands in the drink when mixing or stirring

Dessert spoon:  specially designed so you have more to scoop at once such as for ice cream which is in semi liquid state.

Perforated spoon:  The difference between this and the strainer is just in the smaller quantity one can grab at once. Perforated spoons are used to drain oil from food such as plantain, fish.

Mesh strainer:  makes it easy to grab food in quantity, especially when deep frying. You don’t want to get your hand burnt from the steam of your hot pot or frying pan. It’s suitable for yam, puff puff, akara, and food that can be ‘meshed’.

Spatula:  are usually wooden or silicon materials, just to prevent meals from sticking to the pot. Spatulas are styled to avoid cutting or shredding in pot for meals like vegetables, jollof rice, and omelette. It is also for flipping foods, scraping pans, and as a general stirring implement. It is designed for non-stick pots.

Thongs:  Are used to flip, toss or turn for food like doughnuts, puff puff, and meat or to remove food from a steamer, especially larger vegetables. And, it is a must-have for outdoor grills.

Serving spoons are most popular, but note that wooden serving spoons are best used for food while on fire to prevent burnt food. Deep serving spoons are best used on the dining table; you are about to serve without getting your guests hungry, hence it makes it faster for that purpose.

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