Is this a spiritual attack?

I developed eyesight and hearing problems early in life which were misinterpreted as a spiritual attack by my parents on the wrong advice of some Pastors. I was therefore withdrawn from school. However, I am not convinced that there are evil spirits behind my health issues as these Pastors have claimed. Unfortunately, many of the hospitals I visited have not been able to actually diagnose my problems. This problem is causing so much agony and stigmatisation and I have wasted many years out of school. I will appreciate your kind advice.

Goke (by SMS)


In view of your long lasting medical issues, you will need to visit the nearest Specialist or Teaching Hospital to you for a comprehensive medical investigation and management. In addition, you will need the support of close members of your family and friends. I believe that when combined with fervent prayers, a clear solution to your ailment will soon emerge.

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