Simisola, the talented singer defining all eras

It is her gift, her euphonious voice to lay every song, and her tremendous charisma that has marked out Simisola as one of the greatest songsters of not just her era but for all eras.

A woman who sings with the utmost confidence in her ability grins with a juvenile smile to spellbind all and sundry, yet considerate enough not to play to the gallery for she believes her simplicity, creativity and uniqueness will get her going.

While with some musicians you can perceive them in terms of their flamboyance, or some with their debatable sounds. Few have graced the limelight without standing out; some have stood out briefly and were eclipsed. But of all who have beautifully graced the music macrocosm, there has been no musician quite like Simisola with her blossoming gift.

Her beautiful name depicts the merit of resting in a cradle of wealth just as her beautiful voice expounds the abundance of her musical brilliance. Her mild-mannered character has made every man in their heart smitten with her. Ever so often through her musical aptitude, I have received the motive behind why simplicity makes every woman justly beautiful. I have visualised what it seems like to be loved by a faithful woman.

Simisola’s songs strip one’s consciousness and take us back to the redolent of years when our mother’s somniferous voice and their lullabies were enough for us to have a pleasant rest. Her songs depict to us the fantasy of the fairyland where the wind quietly sings to the desert in the night-time, it exhibits to us how the songbird serenades the quarters of the low woodland and it expresses to us that sometimes words do not matter, as far as the sweet voice tone has a pleasant sound.

Her voice grips the psyche at night, pierces the heart in the morning sends a shiver down into the body, makes one feel enthusiastic like a young bird on a sunny morning seeking to take cover in the belly of a tree. The liquid honey in her throat makes every piece of her music so simpatico and makes it easy for her exuberant fans to follow her to the garden where her music grows like lilies.

Through the gift and a lot of hard work, she has made the art of making a lovely song with beautiful lyrics appear deceptively easy. She has made the feelings of being clasped in one’s lover’s arms imperative. For sometimes when one listens to her, one who reminisces about the myth in love fairyland, one would remember one’s steadfast lover whose distance has taken so far and one will sit and considerately learn the languages that love understands.
With her music and charming smile, she has given us a good time in our trying times, added colour to our lives, while we relish in the joys of our lives, and even in bars where we hang out to drink, we have been gobsmacked by her beautiful melody. Even at times, when we need to pin our faith on the formed harmony and expression when living is difficult. Her songs have shown large enough arms to rescue us from desperation and make us feel wonderstruck, considering how they take us to heights of reminiscing where only love resides in such imagination with a vision that brings us comfort.

Music seems to be her raison d’être, while the impetus for it glimmers all over her beautiful face. Despite being a riveting singer, she’s also a brilliant songwriter who writes with the imageries poets who have mastered their arts. She’s enclosed with a befitting grace that has shaped her route to fame, She is endowed with an ineffable talent that has made her the amazing person she is today. Her style is serving a purpose; her gift is serving as everything that seems right. With her ebony and gleaming teeth, this prepossessing songster indeed reminds us how exhilarating music can be. Her bearing depicts the goodwill of few celebrities, encapsulated by the ability to not gloat over their victory in the music industry. Just like her manner capsulizes the chance of being a star and still understands the duties of a mother.

Beyond every metaphor, no figurative expression would give an actual description of the distinction of Simisola Kosoko. If a man would ensorcel a woman whose rigid heart has turned down many admirers, let the obsessive suitor soldier on and send her stimulating songs, for when he thinks his hope has crushed, she will find the proposed pleasure in his words.

Sooner or later crooner, when the river of life glides and draws all achievers together, I will no longer be an over-optimistic dreamer whose words has failed to meet the ears of the woman of his dreams. Then, my wish and optimism would draw me nearer to your sight and I shall be acknowledged by my words.

Amore David Olamide writes via


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