SEA-ish: Shrimp salad

I suggest you eat this steamed rice with something from the sea. Let’s dig into another delicious sea recipe.

Shrimps are known to have a satisfying taste, different from the usual fish, crayfish and crabs people are generally used to eating. Shrimp salad is really an easy, versatile salad you can serve over greens, stuffed into an avocado, apple, carrot and sweet corns. It can also serve as a delicious picnic sandwich if you wish.








Sweet corns


1/2tablespoon butter



Put half tablespoon of butter in a cooking pan

Add your shrimps and fry for about two minutes, if they are not frozen. The cooking time for smaller shrimps will be shorter and longer for the larger shrimps.

Add onions, seasoning, pepper and a pinch of salt

Add the diced greens, and very little water.  Steam for a minute and stir

Turn off the heat.

Mix your grated carrots, avocado, cucumber and sweet corn in a separate bowl

When your shrimp bowl is cool, spread over or by the sides of your fruit mix.

Serve with mayonnaise if you love it!



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